Anyone living in the 21st century knows what Google is, though the ways that Google works remains a mystery to most. Google’s primary service is to provide an automated library of information from (predominantly) external sources to users.

This service has been refined over the years as Google has learned how best to provide the exact information that their users need. Because of this, it is an exceptionally difficult task to build up the reputability with Google to have your site served in the coveted “top results” of user searches.

Google offers an exciting way to bypass the gruel of climbing the SEO ladder, by placing your brand at the forefront of a client’s need’s solution. Ready to close clients are injected directly into the heart of your online presence.

The 5 Step Process


Before we commence with your project, we love to get an understanding of how we can best achieve the results you desire. The interview process assists us in understanding who you want to target, how your brand communicates with its audience, and so on. If this is something new to you, don’t panic! We are here to help!

Sample Ads

We don’t start any work before we have ensured that you are one hundred percent happy with the quality of our work. We create sample ads for your approval before we commence with any work.

Activate Ad Campaign

We begin your campaign off slowly and slowly increase the volume of ads (and subsequent leads) as you become used to the increased volume of sales leads. This is managed through a close relationship between you and KRB Digital, where we ensure we always deliver the “golden mean”.

Ongoing Revisions

Though a single ad can outperform any of your other marketing activities, “ad-blindness” can lead to a loss of momentum from even the most successful ads. We ensure that your ads are always performing at their maximum efficiency and subsequently recycle, edit, and create new ads to stay fresh and relevant.

Going Forward

Once your campaign is in full motion, we can begin to dive into where there may be areas for improvement. This is not always a simple task, as metrics can provide a false sense of a campaign’s (or single ad’s) effectiveness. As a result, we use our vast knowledge to ensure that we maintain your campaign in a way that keeps it churning out results.

How much power do my customers have?

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The Google Search Network

Google Ads aren’t exclusive to Google. Google has a network of Google Search Network Partners who display your ads on their platforms. By doing this, you expand the reach of your campaign and communicate with a much larger audience. It is advised, however, to have a skilled Google Ads expert in your corner, who can assist in ensuring that the spend on these ads is not wasted or who can tailor the ads on these platforms for better ROI.

The Google Display Network

Display Ads, when executed correctly, can be just as efficient as search ads (if not more so). The return that you experience when you work with an agent who understands how best to work with this type of campaign is one your business will thank you for!

Ready to Get Started?

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