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Welcome to KRB Digital, where your brand’s online presence is transformed, and your annual turnover is guaranteed to increase.

We have spent innumerable hours working on, studying, and practicing the various ways that we can help your business grow online. If you are looking for new, innovative ways to improve your bottom line, then take a look around. You’re sure to find that our services (and the passion with which we serve them) will cater to several needs that you may have. If you, once you’ve gained an understanding of who we are and what we do, think that we can help you, then give us a call or fill out our contact form.

About Us

The success of your online marketing activities doesn’t come from the skill of the agency that you partner with alone. The agency that you choose to work with should ensure that the person who built your brand to what it is (you) should be kept at the heart of the activities that we conduct.

KRB Digital strives to maintain open communication with our clients and build lifelong relationships that work for the mutual benefit of all who are involved in the projects that we undertake.

This is how we grow our client’s businesses.

This is the KRB difference.  

We have spared no expense in identifying and equipping ourselves with the best tools, software, and data-capturing mechanisms available, so that we can serve our clients in the most efficient, results-driven way possible. We have carefully selected the products that we offer, to ensure that they best suit our strengths, as well as our client’s brand. So we can say that the services we offer will meet and exceed your needs.


Facebook has been a user favourite for over fifteen years and has built a sustainable model that internet users have learned to trust and love.

More than eight-million small businesses use Facebook to market their business. While this number illustrates just how powerful a marketing tool the platform is, it also demonstrates the kind of work that needs to go into building a strong, faithful community. When you partner with KRB digital, we use tried and tested methods and tools to help you build a strong brand driven community within the Facebook space, whilst simultaneously converting your community into paying clients and bolstering your ROI.


Google aims to make their user experience as simple and effective as possible, whilst giving them the information that they are looking for, when they are looking for it. This does, however, make staying relevant on their platform an incredibly challenging task. Fortunately, Google Ads, the Google Search Network, and Google Search Partners allow even the smallest of businesses to shine.

By coupling your use of these touchpoints with a deep understanding of how the platform works, tools designed to create and measure success, and effective planning for campaign management, your Google journey will reap more reward than any other activity you’ve implemented before!

Website Design

Your website is the core of your online activity. Most, if not all the other activity that you do online will lead back to one place – your website. For this reason, your website should be fast, responsive, informative, and attractive to hold the attention of your visitors.

If you are looking to get the highest value attainable from your website, your next call should be to KRB Digital, who build websites that turn visitors into paying clients!   

Email Marketing

The average business conducts more than twenty-five percent of their annual sales over email. More than seventy percent of Millennials note that email is their preferred medium for being contacted by a brand. With statistics like this, a brand would be remiss to ignore email marketing as a key focus for their marketing activities.

Email marketing allows marketers to segment audiences, ringfence communication, and target their efforts in a way that speaks directly to a brand’s unique requirements.  

Video Marketing

Did you know that viewers retain eighty percent more information from video communication than written communication? It’s for this reason that brands make use of this flexible, bespoke form of communication to engage their audience.

KRB Digital makes use of South Africa’s most talented videographers, animators, and video editors to ensure that your video marketing converts, informs, and engages your clients in the best way possible.  


A copywriter is someone who acquires a deep understanding of what makes your intended audience tick and creates content that resonates with them in a way no other brand can.

Whether you are building a website, creating blog content, or producing a radio ad, a professional copywriter is the person that brings your activity to life. Our copywriters assist in creating your brand’s voice and use it in a transformative way that builds lifelong relationships with your clients.  


LinkedIn is the most effective business networking tool available today, hands down. More than seven million South African business people (and growing daily) make use of LinkedIn monthly, which means that using it to its full potential will increase the scale of your network, improve the available talent in your resource pool, and transform your sales division.

We have an extensive list of clients who have benefited from our vast knowledge of the platform. Contact us today and join the leagues of business people who have built a stronger business with KRB Digital!


Contact Us

If you’ve never worked with a digital marketing agency before, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us! Each of our clients are introduced to and benefit from the vast knowledge that our directors, Nanette and Quentin offer. Before any work commences (or any bills are sent) we first conduct an introductory meeting with you to ensure that we can assist you and your business.

All quotations and introductory meetings are obligation free, which means you don’t incur cost until we guarantee a return on your investment.

If you have worked with digital marketing agencies before, enjoy the benefit of working with a professional agency that integrates seamlessly into your business. 

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We'd love to hear from you, but office visits are by appointment only!


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