In years gone by, businesses were closed-curtain operations that interacted with clients through impersonal advertising and inanimate branding. Thankfully, this is no longer the case.

As we dive deeper into our understanding of how to communicate with clients and meet their needs, we learn businesses must become brands, with distinct characteristics that resonate with their audience. The beauty of Facebook is that its versatility lends itself to a bespoke voice on the platform. If carefully planned and executed, brands can create personal relationships with the audiences who support them. Our turnkey Facebook marketing solution is created to produce this, no matter the scale of your business. 

Determine Audience

Many of the businesses that we have been employed by have found that their biggest stumbling block is properly identifying their targeted audience, not only on Facebook but in general. This seems like a straightforward task, but when you begin fleshing out the exact nature of the consumers or customers that you want to connect with, you may find that you hit the same wall. At KRB Digital, we expertly analyse your offering and ensure that you target your core audience in a way that realizes ROI. 

Define Objectives

Well defined objectives are equally important as a well-defined audience, if not more so. The art of selecting objectives that match your brand's goals is tricky, though something that KRB Digital is adept at. We use a custom formula to ensure that we accurately set and meet the objectives your business sets. Much like the secret recipe used at your favourite chicken joint, we too must keep our secret tightly locked away, though the results that both you and our existing customers see speak to the validity of our work!

Develop Strategy

Once we know who to target and what you would like to achieve through your activity on Facebook, we begin working on the most effective, results-driven means of meeting the objectives identified. Your strategy is the framework within which we operate and assists us in perfectly producing results. The strategy that we develop not only ensures the overall success of your future campaigns but the sustainability of your presence online.

Design Ads

It’s a known fact, ads designed to resonate with your audience, both in design and in delivery, produce results. Even the best strategies can fall flat without masterful execution, which is why we employ top-tier designers and copywriters, who have spent years perfecting their natural talent. When you employ KRB Digital to manage your Facebook marketing efforts, you reap the full benefit of our hand-selected talent pool!

Deploy Facebook Campaign

Time of post, frequency of post, paid or unpaid? Having a well-defined audience and set of objectives is only the first step in success on Facebook. Precise execution requires 24/7 monitoring, a professionally designed tone for outbound communication, and many other areas best suited to an experienced social media team, at least when increased lead generation is a primary intention.

Measure and Monitor

No campaign is successful without well-designed metrics with which to measure it. We provide every client with personalized KPI’s that outline the quality of our work in a thorough, easy to understand manner that confirms the success that we deliver to every client.

What differentiates my product from the competition?

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How much power do my customers have?

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