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Video marketing is one of the surest ways to communicate with clients in a way that not only resonates with them but also sticks with them. Videos are proven to gain more attention than most other forms of marketing.

Studies have proven that viewers retain more than ninety percent of the information that they view on a video. Conversely, viewers retain a meagre ten percent of the text that they’ve read. This doesn’t mean that you should shift your entire marketing focus to video, but rather that you should apply a special focus to your video marketing and ensure that you are maximizing its reach. When you employ KRB Digital, you get that special focus, with an added experience and skill incomparable with the quality found with any other brand.
Video marketing improves your client’s brand recall, which means that you are top of mind the next time your client has a need that requires a solution you provide!

If you are looking to improve your brand’s reach, video marketing offers you a perfect solution. Well-designed videos are proven to have a staggering 1200% larger reach than text and image (combined). This means that your business benefits from not only improved brand recall and information retention but also increased reach.  

Types of Video Marketing

Video marketing comes in a plethora of shapes and sizes, though, more aptly put, they come in a plethora of styles and lengths. The reason that the style and length vary to such a great degree is due to the many applications that video offers. Some of the ways that video can be used for your business are:

Product and Services Marketing

These videos most commonly focus on features, advantages, and benefits. Commercials are commonly associated with this type of video marketing. As the way that consumers consume entertainment shifts to streamed services, so too does the way this type of marketing is designed to fit within new mediums.

Product Demonstrations

Product demonstration videos, just as the name suggests, demonstrates how the product works and is typically used to illustrate the product’s quality and efficacy.

Launch Videos

A product launch is an exciting time for you and your brand. Launch videos aid in getting your client as excited about your new product as you are!

Explainer Videos

User generated campaigns are derived from either one or more videos produced by a brand’s users. These can be used in campaigns for education, orientation, or as testimonials.

User-Generated Video Campaigns

User generated campaigns are derived from either one or more videos produced by a brand’s users. These can be used in campaigns for education, orientation, or as testimonials.

Event Videos

This includes corporate events, sponsored events, and so on.

Digital Signage

Signage is a commonly used advertising medium and as the cost of digital signage is driven down by developments in technology, it is becoming an increasingly popular medium. Videos used on digital signage have an exceedingly small window with which to capture its viewer's attention (generally five seconds or less).

Storefront and Lobby Videos

These videos are generally targeted at customers in the “ready to purchase” phase. Often, these are warm, welcoming, and informative. 

Client Testimonial Videos

Video achieves higher retention than written communications, so it makes sense that you’d want your outstanding testimonials on video, rather than written. These can be done by your client or voice acted and animated, depending on available media.

Success Story Videos

These avoid salesly language and opt for a storytelling style, where the viewer gets a first-hand look at your product/ service’s features, advantages, and benefits in action.

Corporate Social Responsibility Videos

These can be used promotionally or to raise awareness and support for a cause that your brand supports. 

Video Press Release

Often used to support a product launch, though not always, video press releases are most commonly used to create “hype” around a new development in a product life cycle.

Client Support Videos

If you’ve ever tried to get support from a pre-recorded, voice-prompted client support system, you’ll agree that it is considerably better to deal with a person. This isn’t always viable for brands, so when it isn’t, client support videos offer a personal touch while maintaining the low time-consumption of an automated system.

KRB Digital not only offers these kinds of videos. Our offering extends to content animation, text overlays, or subtitles and closed captions. If you would like to know more about how we take your video project and make magic, let's talk.

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