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Email marketing produces some of the highest results achievable for both B2C and B2B. More than 25% of sales are attributed to email marketing annually. Still not convinced? Here are some additional reasons why we love email marketing:

Out of Sight, Out of Mind. Staying in touch with your clients means that you stay at the top of their minds. By making use of regular email marketing, your brand is the first to come to mind when your client needs a solution you offer!
Email Keeps You In Touch With Your Clients On The Go. Over fifty percent of emails are opened and read on mobile, which makes email marketing one of the most accessible touch points available.
Measurable Success. The metrics that we use to measure the success of your  email marketing strategy can be tailored to measure the efficacy of your efforts and ensure that you are applying your resources to the right areas.
Low Investment, High ROI. By employing a professional email marketing service, you benefit from the time-related cost of marketing, while maintaining the low cost that email marketing offers.
Improved Brand Awareness And Client Knowledge. A well-crafted, engaging email campaign instantly improves your client awareness and the knowledge that they have of your brand.
Highly Utilized, Highly Trusted. Over 73% of businesses use emails as their primary form of communication. Over 90% of clients make use of email. The high volume of clients using email makes it a trusted, far-reaching medium that will transform your sales cycle. 

The Strategy

Planning, Testing, Planning

Once we understand the intent of your email marketing campaign, we suggest the way forward. This includes lead magnets, tone and frequency of communication, and desired outcome. When we have established this, we begin testing the efficacy of the campaign and ensure that we are accomplishing the desired effect.
If we find that there is an area that requires improvement, we begin the process again and ensure that we deliver the exact result as it is intended.  


Only when we can guarantee with absolute certainty that your campaign will work as intended, do we commence with the full execution of the project.


Once your campaign is in full swing, the project requires a constant “finger on the pulse” to ensure that your project does not lose steam at any point.
We ensure that your campaign remains valuable to you by maintaining it throughout its lifespan and making required adjustments as needed. 

Ongoing Revisions

Though a single ad can outperform any of your other marketing activities, “ad-blindness” can lead to a loss of momentum from even the most successful ads. We ensure that your ads are always performing at their maximum efficiency and subsequently recycle, edit, and create new ads to stay fresh and relevant.

Going Forward

Once your campaign is in full motion, we can begin to dive into where there may be areas for improvement. This is not always a simple task, as metrics can provide a false sense of a campaign’s (or single ad’s) effectiveness. As a result, we use our vast knowledge to ensure that we maintain your campaign in a way that keeps it churning out results.

How much power do my customers have?

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The Process

Our strategy for achieving email marketing success for you and your brand is as simple as can be. From the moment that you engage with us, we begin working on ways to increase the number of email addresses in your database. 

We also assist in creating a roadmap for how to best communicate with your database, attract more subscribers, and monitor your campaign to ensure that it is always producing the best results. This is, of course, an overview of our process. If you would like more information about how we transform your business's income with email marketing, contact us!

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